Patrick Lester-Rourke is composer/performer known for his innovative mixture of improvisation, world music, electroacoustic soundscapes and poetry.


Patrick's debut IDENTITY, demonstrates his wide range of influences by dissecting and re-framing through the post-production technique Miles Davis and Teo Macero pioneered in the 70’s.


2019 saw Patrick embark upon a series of collaborative projects with up-and-coming Birmingham artists. Each in-turn the performers created highly-conceptual albums that explored the limits of their instruments expression. Ranging from the explosive dissection of anger ‘Wrath’, to the meditative homage to John Clare ‘The Peasant Poet’.


2020 will see Patrick exploring new territory as he forms a band of collaborators to reach new emotional depths. Outside of his own projects Patrick also takes commissions. Click here to make any enquiries. 

The Sun Never Sets...
The Sun Never Sets Album Cover.jpg
The Peasant Poet
Album Cover V3 (merged with noise.jpg
Wrath album cover, Patrick Lester-Rourke
pride    -   music video
zero sum
Zero Sum album cover, Patrick Lester-Rourke, composer, mastering, birmigham
to hindenburg    -   music video
Identity album cover, Patrick Lester-Rourke, composer, mastering engineer
"Unusual, genre-defying, quirky…its eclecticism and multifariousness – presented with an overarching, homemade ardency – makes Identity beguiling"
-Adrian Pallant
"the hour-long album brings a big band (duodecet) into play with intricate compositions which incorporate improvisation, too....all are excellent. Truly an album to which to look forward!" 
-Daev Tremblay
"interesting stuff from Patrick Lester-Rourke"
-Peter Slavid
selected other works
Picattso Main Theme
-Video Game Soundtrack
I Have Loved Hours at Sea
-Solo piano
Dysfunctional but loveable
-text-based piece
-saxophone and tape
A difficult choice

"'I Have Loved Hours At Sea' is a poignant setting that transmits Sara Teasdale's melancholic nostalgia with impressive subtlety"

-Daniel Galbreath (conductor)

"Realisation is a great piece of music. I feel it really captured the idea of what I was looking for in my album ‘Night bird’. It's composed with real consideration for how the saxophone can be played. Patrick was very professional in our meetings together, he was organised and great fun to work with"

-Benjamin Hill (saxophonist)

"Patrick was a pleasure to work with and Lone is an amazing piece! When Playing it I feel the loneliness it portrays deep inside. It was a pleasure to perform and I enjoyed every single note of it."

-Yijiao Feng (pianist)