What sets Patrick Lester-Rourke apart as a Mastering engineer is his broad musical perspective. Patrick's unique stance as a performer, composer and mastering engineer; uniquely equips him to give your album the cohesive, technically impressive and musically empathetic treatment it deserves.

If you're not 100% satisfied then the job isn't done - Patrick offers unlimited revisions (within reason) at no extra cost! 

To get a quote contact Patrick here.

Listen to the examples below to hear the power and musicality of a PL-R master.


-Effigy For Sleep

(Progressive Metal)

The Tank

-matthew price



- Coco 'n' The Fellas

(Swing music)

Mission Proposition

- Districts


Ambient temperatures

-gathering tides



-Punch the sky


Sojourn of the face

- tamara haynes

(Modern Classical)

No.4 in C# minor

- ella lee