What sets Patrick Lester-Rourke's services as a recording/mixing engineer apart from the crowd is his broad musical perspective. His unique position as a composer/performer as well as engineer means he understands how to provide a musically conducive and comfortable working environment as well as great sounding productions.

Patrick work in a wide variety of genres and regularly alternate between vastly different projects, 

for example; classical, folk, jazz and rock albums. He predominantly work on albums from their

inception to final masters but is equally at home working on a single stage of a project.

An important part of the service Patrick provides is his adaptability to any requirement. Whether you want to record in a Concert Hall, an A-List Recording studio or a living room, he can facilitate this with his mobile professional recording rig. Wherever you are, you can be rest assured that the Burr-Brown Conversion and Class-A pre-amps at his disposal the results will sound great.



Recording - £15 p/h

Mixing - £15 p/h

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"Patrick was excellent to work with. His musical insight, paired with his technical approach made for great recording sessions and a fantastic final product."

-Andrew Wilson (Singer)

'Patrick is an amazing engineer and it was a pleasure to work with him. Recording our last live album was a stressful job but he managed to run the whole process as smoothly as possible. He was fast in the process of editing and mixing our album and the outcome was wonderful. He's a pleasure to work with and we would wholeheartedly recommend him to engineer and produce your next album!

-Coco 'n' the Fellas

'As a creative musician, it is vitally important to find an equally creative engineer, which Patrick certainly is. His energy and passion for what he does, not only substantially adds to the process of recording improvised music, but also helps to create a great atmosphere in an occasionally stressful and pressured environment. He will immerse himself in your project and will help you to produce a product that you are proud of.'

-Tom Syson (Trumpeter)